Hello everybody! Things are going good here in Seattle. The weather is amazing and Seattle is now the best place in the world to be because of it. This week was a bit slow when it came to finding. We did a ton of tracting and taught many people at the door but none of them were interested. Luckily, we got a referral from our Bishop. There is a family that moved into the area that contacted our Bishop. The wife is a member and the husband is investigating and wants to meet and come to church. This could be the miracle that we have been waiting for and the baptism that we get right before I go home. We had a zone conference this week which was President Choi’s final one because he leaves July 1st. He goes to Japan because he is covering the Asia North area as he goes back to his General Authority position in the 1st quorum of the seventy. It is very sad but things will move on. Things are kind of weird in the mission because everything is trying to get figured out with changing mission presidents and then my group comes home which is about 40 missionaries and then the next transfer will be around 35 missionaries. The new mission president is getting thrown into a tough spot but he has The Lords help! Elder Hyde and I are doing great and are working hard trying to Baptize before I come home! I love you all! See you soon! XOXO

Elder Ford
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