Well I have to start off my email with this…

FOR ALL OF YOU MISSIONARIES AND PEOPLE THAT HAVE SEEN “THE DISTRICT” VIDEOS…..In “The District 1” there are those sisters… Sister Meyers and Sister Payne….. welll….. SISTER MEYERS IS IN MY WARD RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAH She is now married and has 4 kids. Her name is Sister Hernandez now 🙂 I got to meet her last night and she gave us a bunch of tamales, rice, beans, etc. It was so weird to see her because we have all watched those videos so much but she is really cool! Not as annoying as she was in the videos hahah! #sistersprobs jk 😉
The first week here was a lot of fun. There are so many people around here in the streets and a lot of them are all black so it is so fun to be around them. Most of our investigators are black too so it is fun! I love my companion so much! He is super funny and fun and we have a great time together. We have been running in the mornings, working out at night, and eating a low carb diet. I am happy to announce that I am almost 180 pounds. I started my mission at 200 pounds, got clear up to 220 pounds and now I am about at 180.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT… THATS ALMOST 40 POUNDS!!!!! Heck ya! The goal is to be in the 70’s by the time I get home… that gives me 5 weeks to do it! Wish me luck!
I am excited to be here and lets all have a great week! Love ya! XOXO
Elder Ford
morning run route
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