Hello peeps!

How is everybody doing this week? For us, it was a great week. We strolled the streets hard and hit the pavement hard! So hard, that my shoes are super banged up but they will last me to the end. We got 4 referrals this week randomly and 2 of them are super solid. It is a guy and his girl friend and they want to meet with us because they are interested. We havent met yet because everybody here just graduated from U-Dub so they were leaving town but in a week or 2 we will be meeting. We also met with a guy named Rylan who grew up in the Tri Cities and all of his best friends are mormon and went on missions. He is catholic but took a book of mormon and is interested in it. We are meeting with him every Thursday so we are super excited. The weather hers is mid 80s every day and IT IS HOT! I dont know what I am going to do when I get home to St. George… i might die. I seem to have adapted to the weather here so we will see what happens, but then again I dont need to wear a suit in the 80+ degree weather everyday at home lol! Things are getting a bit weird in the mission because our mission president leaves in 2 weeks and then we get our new mission president which i will have for 2 weeks. Things are getting real and it is weird! Today my companion is really sick so we might be inside for a few days but thats okay. It will still be a great week! I love you! XOXO
Elder Ford
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