EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!! This week was just amazing and super spirit felt. My heart is very full from these last few days. I LOVE MY MISSION! I am so sad that I have only 2 months left because I dont want to leave any of these people! I had the privilege of going to the temple on Saturday with my convert, Denise Pelton, and it was one of the most amazing times of my mission ever. She received her own endowment and it was just special! It was amazing to see her go from a regular woman in a wheelchair in Bothell, to being in the temple in all white. I totally understand the end in mind now and understand the Plan of Salvation even more. I am doing great! I feel like I am the strongest missionary I have ever been and I am a missionary and man that the Lord wants me to be. I have found myself! I love the Canyon Park Ward! The members are amazing and so loving! I have already found some of the reasons that I was sent to this ward: 

My first Sunday in the ward, I looked at one of the young men and saw a lot of myself in him. I had a strong impression to just get to know him and gain a new friend. I later found out that that family is going through an ugly divorce. They have 4 kids between ages 10-17 so it is really tough for the family and the kids. That young man is the oldest boy of the family and is 16 which is the age that I was when my parents split. This young man is very angry and the rest of the kids are too. I am working really close with the kids and helping them get through this and know that somebody loves them. I really hope that I can make a difference in this trial. I actually bore my testimony yesterday and the mom of the family came up to me afterwards in tears and thanked me for my testimony. In my testimony I talked about having a split family and that The Lord turned me into something that I couldnt have done alone. She told me that she imagined her son as I spoke because I was in a similar situation. When she told me that, I smiled because I knew that I needed to know this kid before I even knew that his family was going through a divorce. Yesterday after dinner I had a strong impression to just go over and see if anybody was at their old house that they are trying to sell. Everybody was at that house cleaning and doing yard work so that they can sell it quick. The kids were in the back on their court playing some basketball so I jumped in and played with them. We all just had fun laughing and playing together which I know the parents appreciated because of this tough time. I told my story to the parents and told them that I wanted to talk with their kids, especially their son, and that I was here to do anything that I could to help. It is a tough time but everything will move forward and hopefully things go up from here!

 I have grown so much in Charity and Love because of the Brier Ward and now I get to help strengthen the Canyon Park Ward with the things that I learned. I am so happy and dont want to leave these people in 2 months! I am converted!Thank you everybody for your patience for me and helping me get to where I am at now! I love you so much! XOXO

Elder Ford

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