Well I will go into more detail about getting transferred. Elder Jenson and I got white washed into Canyon Park which means that we both got transferred in. There were Sister Missionaries in this ward for over a year and we replaced them. Neither one of us knows the area and the Sisters before us (bless their hearts) didnt really update the area book so we came in with nothing. We are starting from scratch! After meeting with our Bishop and Ward Mission Leader and Ward Missionaries, we all came to the conclusion that there are 0 investigators. We have been sent in and are acting as if we opened a brand new area because we have no idea what to do, where we are going, and we have nobody to teach. This week we spent a lot of the timing doing what… TRACTING! We only found 1 new investigator but that is better than 0. The Bishop really wants to focus on his ward members because they are not too engaged in missionary work and our Bishop loves 2 things… YOUTH and MISSIONARY WORK! Do you want to know the amazing part about Canyon Park… WE HAVE A CAR! FINALLY I HAVE A CAR! I have biked for about 17 months out of the 21 months i have been out on my mission and now I get a car again.. VICTORY! 🙂

Well, lets get into the week and figure out why I put “Im Alive” as the subject line. We had some pretty funny experiences this week at doors. We knocked on a door and a guy opened the door in nothing but his boxers (dont worry that is normal for Seattle.. People answer the door naked here too all the time). We also knocked on a door and a HUGE GUY probably around 300-350 pounds answered the door with no shirt on. The funny thing was that he was wearing suspenders but no shirt… why was he wearing those with no shirt? Maybe it was a man bra or something? Idk but it was interesting. This week we also almost got attacked and chased by dogs but we managed to avoid being doggy food which is good because these dogs were GIANT! Anyways, Saturday was the day… we went to a members house and did service with him. He was cutting down his big deck that was on the back of his house. We were taking down sections at a time because this deck was really big and made of solid wood obviously. Well, while we were cutting, one of the ground beams snapped in half from the pressure and BOOM! THE DECK WAS COMING DOWN…ALL OF IT! I happened to be right next to where it snapped and the deck about smashed me. I managed to not get smooshed, but I got nailed in the head and face by the deck. I got a gnarly headache, a pretty nice goose egg on the forehead, cuts on my head and nose, and lip, but now I am totally fine. They are all healing now and I am totally cool but it was definitely very scary! LOL! 🙂
Yesterday was church and it was awesome! The ward is pretty fun but the best part was that I saw all of the families in the Bothell Ward because they are the hour right after us. I got to see my old Bishop, Bishop Jones, who is the guy that was companions with my dad back on his mission. I ran up and gave him a big hug and talked with him because I havent seen him since I left Bothell, December of 2013. I am so happy to be back around the same area and to get to see so many friends and what I consider family now! I hope everybody is doing good. If not, well then change that!
I will end with a message:
In any sport that is practiced, there are fundamentals in which we must master to be successful. In basketball we must learn to dribble, pass, and shoot. In tennis we must learn form, eye sight, coordination,etc. Any sport that you play, you must learn the basics. In a game, match, competition, whatever it may be, which team is successful and wins? The team that sticks to the fundamentals and masters the basics. When we start to get sloppy we start to get behind and start losing. In the gospel we also have fundamentals and basics called the Doctrine of Christ. These consist of Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, The Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. How well do we stick to the basics? When life gets hard or trials come our way, do we get sloppy and start losing the race or are we strong in the fundamentals and winning the race? The truth is that doubts WILL come, trials WILL come, that is part of this mortal experience, but how are we responding to them is my big question? Do we know OF the Doctrine or do we KNOW THE DOCTRINE? I hope that we can dive deep into 2 Nephi 31, 3 Nephi 11, and many other scriptures, and really apply and learn the basics because nothing happens until you master fundamentals, in life or in sports!
I love you all and miss you! XOXO
Elder Ford
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