Hello wonderful family and friends! This week was a little bit slower for us but it was still a great week. The weather has been in the 60s and sunny so there is no complaining from me. Seattle has had the driest winter on record and I am loving it. All of the flowers and shrubs have already bloomed and it is making the gardeners confused but as a missionary, I am loving it! I have been in Seattle for its 2 driest winters and longest summers… I am blessed! Everybody said I was in for a treat of rain and depression but I am happy to report that I havent seen either of them hahah 🙂 Now on to the work…
Our main investigators are super busy right now and want to meet but they are swarmed with school and work. Our miracle from two weeks ago, Bryan, is an accountant so he is working like a dog during this tax season but in a couple of weeks he is done with the tax season and will be able to meet with us so we are super excited. We are focusing on sifting through our investigators and finding new ones because we are having a bit of trouble getting the people that sincerely want to change their lives. We have found people who are nice and want to have discussions but that is all they want to do and that doesnt help either of us. We were able to hook up with an investigator, Jesci, who we lost contact with for awhile and now she is coming to the church to watch Conference with us! 🙂 We have a few other people that we are working with as well but nothing is super set up and solid yet but they will be in the future!
Brier is doing great! The ward is growing in faith and in love like crazy! The ward really likes Elder Stamos and me and is so happy with us. The Bishop pulled us aside and told us that there are members that keep going up to him and telling him how much they love the missionaries in the ward. I love the Brier Ward so much. In the past it has been an area that people complained about and didnt like the ward but I dont see that because it is full of love and I love it so much! We now have splits set up with the quorums as well so Brier is going to start showing things that it hasnt shown in a long time! We are excited! I love you so much and hope everybody is happy and doing well. If not… tell me and I will make it better! 🙂 XOXO
Elder Ford
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