Hello family and friends! This week was another good week for us in Brier. It was a lot slower than it was last week but we still found 4 new investigators, and put 2 on date. We have been really busy and are still really busy. Elder Stamos is really really good at talking with everybody and has really helped me with that. He is a very good leader and teacher and I am so thankful for him.
One of the guys we met this week is named Allen.  He is interested in learning of the Book of Mormon. He is native american and he told us that one time when he was on a reservation, somebody told him that he would search for truth and that he might find it with “those Mormon boys.” We were shocked when he told us that because that was a long time ago and now we found him as we helped him with some service this week and he is going to learn now. We are hoping that that man was right. We are pulling for Allen to make the steps to find the eternal truth.
 We were able to meet with Maddy as well and talk more about The Plan of Salvation. She came to the fireside last night and loved it. She is very excited to experience General Conference so we are very excited for these weeks to come.
 It really hit me lately how short of time I have left. I am starting to get very sad because I cant believe that it is already this close to being over but I am going to work my hardest till the end! I have had a roller coaster mission at times but I have learned and grown from all of the experiences I have had. I never understood what people meant when they said that they didnt want to go home because of the people and I am starting to understand that now. I am happy to see my family and friends but I have so many loved ones here and it makes me sad to think about leaving them… Im ready for heaven! LOL 🙂
The greatest new of the week though was… MAILE WAIAU GOT BAPTIZED! Maile is a woman that I worked with back in Burien with Elder Seppi. Elder Seppi and I worked with her and her kids and the kids got baptized the week after I left Burien. Maile has had to work some things out but after a year and a half, she was baptized Saturday night and I couldnt be happier! 🙂 BEST NEWS EVER! I got to see her last night at our member and missionary fireside and it was just pure joy! I love you all and hope you are having the time of your lives! XOXO
Elder Ford
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