MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING! I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be with Elder Stamos. He is a fantastic missionary and has taught me so much and it has only been a week. We found 13 new investigators and put 8 people on date this week for baptism. The biggest miracle that we saw was on Thursday. Elder Stamos and I were walking down a street when a truck passed us and pulled over. A man got out and walked towards us and waved. He told us that he had just gone to Salt Lake City for his first time and absolutely loved it. He said that the people there were so nice and that he was able to learn a tiny bit about “The Mormons.” We shared with him a little bit more about Joseph Smith and the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. We set up a church tour and took him on one last night with 2 members. The church tour was amazing! Bryan is now on date and is so happy that he pulled over and talked to us. He sent us a text after he left saying, “Hey guys, I had a good time tonight. Sorry if I seemed quiet. When you asked me what i was feeling so far through our tour I should have said I felt speechless.. This has been a complete surprise and I had no idea I would have been doing this before I pulled my car over to speak with you two. I hardly know what to say. You guys were very hospitable and did a fine job showing me around. Thank the others again for me. Have a good night. -Bryan!” It felt so good to help him and to see him feel the spirit!  We are so excited to work with him more!
We also had an amazing meeting with our Bishop. On Saturday we met with our Bishop and he was a bit skeptical about meet with us but afterwards he thanked us. At church Sunday he stood up and told everybody that the last few years he hasnt felt like his missionaries had a huge vision and motivation but he said that when Elder Stamos and I walked in, he felt a huge spirit that almost made him speechless. He is so excited to work with us now and the ward is now starting to become excited to be with us. We got a ward mission leader who just got back from his mission with his wife in Australia and is amazing! We are starting to build up a solid ward mission in the Brier Ward and we are expecting to see big things now. Our theme is… MAKE HISTORY IN BRIER!
On Friday I was asked to speak yesterday in church. I really enjoyed it! I spoke about lifting others up and serving others. I included talking about the Savior and his love and that the ultimate love to serve others is through gaining Charity. The other speaker did an amazing job and we made Sacrament Meeting very spiritual. Everybody came up to me and Brother Joiner at the end and just thanked us for our talks. The Bishop came and gave me a hug and just kept saying “excellent, excellent job!” I even had somebody come up to me and tell me that that was the best missionary talk they had ever heard. Im not saying this for recognition, but it was a witness to me that the Lord is willing to help all those that seek his help. Elder Stamos is speaking next week and now it is his turn. The ward is really becoming unified with us and we are so excited to be in Brier. Last transfer was hard and the trend was that Brier was a dead area and always has been, but we have turned that attitude around and now BRIER IS WHERE EVERYBODY SHOULD WANT TO GO! I thank God for sending Elder Stamos to me. He had a bit of a hard time figuring out why he was released as zone leader.. it was hard on him, but we had a talk and I told him that Brier needed him and I needed him and that was why he was sent here. He is turning around this area and has turned me around to be a better missionary! We are very close companions now and love each other! I love you all so much and am so thankful for you and all that you do to support me on my mission! XOXO
Elder Ford
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