Well this week was tough as you can see in the subject line but it was pretty fun. We are running out of people to visit and everybody that we do visit is never home so we are still knocking doors to fill time because nobody is home and we have nothing else to do. Wednesday was my companions birthday so we went out to dinner and celebrated which was a ton of fun. He turned 21 so he was going to buy alcohol (NOT) but he decided not to. HAHAH JK! We went to a really good Mexican Place called Las Espuelas (The Spurs) and that was a blast. We tried to see Tom but he is still very sick. We were able to talk to him for a second but he looks and sounds terrible. There is still nasty stuff going around and Tom seems to always be stuck with it. The weather here has been gorgeous thankfully. We have have sunny skies and very little rain. Everybody keeps talking about how odd the weather has been not only in Washington, but in the US. All of the West is having a lack of snow and rain and all of the East is getting pounded with snow! I just hope that the weather stays like this! Elder Randolph and I got into some interesting conversations with people this week but none of them went anywhere. They were all over the place with what they said. We got called racist and sexist and homophobic and all sorts of stuff. Normally things like this dont get to me but we just seemed to get it all week and it really started getting to me because nobody enjoys getting mean things yelled at them all the time. You want to know what I did??? I went and bought some thin mints and ate them to cheer me up… no joke.. i did! 🙂 Things are getting better now because I have been enjoying my studies more and church was awesome yesterday. We talked about many different things and they all seemed to tie in to each other and apply to me in different ways! It was a rougher week than I would have liked but that is okay because now we will just have to make this week better! I love you all and hope everything goes well for you this next week! XOXO

Elder Ford
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