This week was a little bit rougher for Elder Randolph and I. We didnt have many appointments this week so we spent a lot of the days tracting and we just havent found many people. We managed to find 2 new investigators but when we went back to their house they were not home. We are really trying to work with the ward. That is our main focus because it has been a bit hard to get unified with the ward. The same members are feeding us every month and that is about it. We did get to meet with Tom finally because he is now better. He was fighting a terrible flu for over a month. We met with him and had a great lesson. We talked more about The Atonement and about The Plan of Salvation and just helped him see how it would help him because he is going through some tough times with his health and with many close friends and family members health as well. We are taking him on a church tour to help him feel comfortable for Sunday because he is going to come to church. We are excited that things are finally starting to move forward with him but we are still trying to find more people like him. Elder Randolph and I caught some of the Superbowl at dinner so we saw a lot of the 2nd half and OMG what a crazy game! I was rooting for the HAwks but deep down I kind of wanted them to lose. Pete is probably shooting himself right now because NOBODY can stop Lynch 3 plays in a row. If he would have run it, he would be celebrating right now but he got to gutsy and it backfired… What a game. This city was crazy last night because everybody was starting to shoot fireworks off and then we heard a giant ROAR of swear words when the interception happened. Yes… it was a ROAR of anger, not a ROAR from Katy Perry! (HAHAHA I had to tie that in LOL!) The city is pretty dead quiet and now it is back to its depressed state.. wish us luck! I LOVE YOU! XOXO

Elder Ford
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