Hello everybody! Today was transfer day and it was crazy! Elder Randolph and I both stayed together in Brier which was exciting. We have been bummin around with no ride anywhere because everybody was at transfers. We are now online so that is why this email is coming so late. This last week was good but nothing exciting happened to be honest. I did make a bet that the Seahawks wouldnt make the superbowl and the bet was that i would shave my head so….. my head is shaved! LOL I thought I would have a little bit of fun 🙂 I am really excited to stay with Elder Randolph because I love him so much. This will be another 6 weeks and hopefully we can get a baptism. The weather has been so abnormal as it has been in the 60’s with suny blue skies. I am loving it! Every liberal here is saying that this is where they love “global warming” lol it is hilarious! I love not getting soaked from the rain! 🙂 This weekend should be intense as the Seahawks play in the Superbowl.. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING LOUD ROARS! Things are going great for me. I cant believe that I have only 5 and a half months left. I love you all! XOXO

Elder Ford

(before and after)

RSCN0043[1] RSCN0055[1]

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