This week was a good week for us but it was very wet. We have been walking so much because my bike hasnt been given to me yet from my last area. We probably walk at least 10-15 miles a day and my legs and calfs sure feel it. Anyways, We found some really cool new investigators this week and are excited to start teaching them.  One of the guys is named Alex and he actually is a former that got taught back East and then went to U-Dub but really wants to follow God. He has prayed a lot and just wants to know what church is true and right for him. He accepted a baptismal date for late January so we will be praying for him.
 I went on exchanges this week with Elder Thompson to Aurora Spanish and that was a lot of fun. I got to meet some really cool Spanish speakers and I actually understood more than I thought. I guess my 4 years of Spanish in high school paid off a little bit but I sure cant speak at all! We are meeting with our solid investigator Tom this week and are excited. He wants to get baptized but he is just taking things slow because he really wants to understand the doctrine and understand all that he is getting himself into. Things are going well with Elder Randolph. I love him so much and he is a great missionary. I love you all and miss you! ALSO… THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES AND STUFF! Its weird to be 20 now!!! XOXO
Elder Ford
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