Well it was too good to be true. Surprising news… both Elder McBeth and I got transferred out…WHITE WASHED! 😦 Mariko is talking to her parents this week and is going to get baptized on December 27. I am very sad that I wont be there but I am so happy for her and her decision! Also, Tina is getting baptized at the beginning of January when she gets back from Logan. I am proud of her but am sad that I wont be there as well.  It will be a tough transition from YSA to a family ward again. I am now in Brier, Shoreline in the Brier ward. I am with Elder Randolph who is one of my favorites ever. He was in the Bothell Ward with Elder Brooks while I was there with Elder Mitchell. I am very excited to be with him. Things in Brier are very quiet and homie… nothing like loud city of Seattle.  My “father” aka trainer, Elder Holman, Elder Mackley, and Elder DeMille went home yesterday with about 17 other people so it is very weird. I barely know anybody in the mission because I am in the old group now.. ITS SCARY! Time is going by and is kind of freaky because I havent thought about what comes next. I am very excited for Christmas because I get to skype my family and talk with them! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! I love you and miss you so much! XOXO

Elder Ford
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