This week was awesome but I just received some information from home that is a bit uncomfortable. One of my friends and teammates from school and from tennis, left his mission and took his life. Im just kind of shocked at the moment and upset.  I know the plan but its just tough. Please pray for me and the family.  This week was good though.  We met with Mariko and had an amazing lesson.  We watched Joseph Smith: A Prophet of the Restoration and talked about it.  We then had her kneel and pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the Book of Mormon was true.  She prayed and only prayed about the Book of Mormon.  We had a moment of silence and then she said, “I realized I forgot to pray about Joseph Smith, but I think its because I already know he is a prophet!” It was amazing to hear that because she has a testimony of him which helps her understand everything else.  The next step is her talking to her mom again which is what our next lesson (tomorrow) is on.  She wants to get baptized and its only a matter of her talking to her mom and doing it! 🙂  Tina is back home for Christmas break now and she is talking to her family while she is there and plans on coming back and getting baptized at the beginning of January, which is when she gets back.  We found 4 new investigators that are really cool.  We havent met with them yet but I am very excited to do so! Wenjie is back in China for the break and is talking to her family about the Gospel too…in a legal way since she is in China. lol. We got to go to the temple today which was amazing.  We are so blessed to have a temple so close to us.  The Seattle Temple is beautiful! I love being inside the temple and feeling the Spirit! Anyways, things are going good for us here.  transfers are on Tuesday so PDay will be on Tuesday again and then we dont have PDay until Christmas day.  This month is a bit wild but everything will be sweet! I love you all and hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas season! #sharethegift XOXO
Elder Ford
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