HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Thanksgiving was wonderful and now I am super excited for CHRISTMAS! These past few weeks have been crazy for us.  I forgot to update our living status.  Elder McBeth and I moved back to the Sketchy Ave because of a robbery and shooting on the Ave.  The Sisters lived on the Ave and demanded that they get moved ASAP because they were scared. (makes sense). So now we are back to the Ave watching all of the drug deals. (Not to mention that last night we witnessed a brawl.  One of the Drugies clocked a random guy because he was “staring him down.” IT WAS INSANE!!! Dont worry mom everything is fine. Im just collecting mission stories! 🙂 Anyways, this week was a bit difficult because the college campus was left desolate.  Everybody went home for Thanksgiving so it was hard to stay busy.  The weather has definitely shot down because it has been FREEZING…IT SNOWED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! The snow was a perfect because it was the day after Thanksgiving and it set the tone for Christmas. We met a few new people that are interested in learning more so that is exciting.  Next Tuesday we are going to the temple so I am super stoked! THE BEST PART OF THE WEEK THOUGH… We were visited by Elder Enrique Falabella of the First Quorum of the Seventy. He came and shared some inspiring words.  He helped us see where we need to improve and gave us ideas on what we can do to improve.  I really was able to understand his teachings and I have been able to understand the scriptures a lot better and how they apply. 🙂 It was so great.  I was able to talk to Elder Falabella at lunch and he was telling me that he loves St. George and always stops there and goes to Zion National Park! It was awesome! This week was great.  Im curious about these next few weeks because it is time for Finals and everybody is going crazy.  There are a ton of protesters around the city because of the shooting with the black kid and a cop.. not sure what it was because I am out of the loop but sounds sad.  Cops are all around town all geared up in armor so it is pretty serious stuff.  I am so thankful for everybody; For the love and support I had before my mission and for the continuous love and support. I am not the greatest but others make me feel like I am so I really appreciate the self esteem boost! I miss you all! XOXO

Elder Ford
DSCN8376[1]FSCN8406[1] RSCN8404[1]
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