This week is a week of my mission that I wont forget. We had zone meeting, interviews and training at  our interviews. I have had the question if God loved me and if he was proud of me for a long time and I received answers this week. I feel like The Spirit has been with me for the longest time in my life this week. I could actually feel it a lot of the time and it is just a testimony to me that it is true! I love the Spirit and it is better than any worldly thing out there. I really appreciated our interviews and the growth that myself and others have seen in me. I feel more mature and closer to my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ and I love it. I have always seen people that were spiritual and I always wanted to get to that point and I have struggled but now I feel that I am learning how to do it and it is amazing! This week has been great. We had stake conference this week which consisted of a Saturday night session and a Sunday morning session.  Stake Conference was actually really good! there was amazing talks and amazing music.  One of the songs was sung by the institute choir and they sand Come Thou Fount and The Spirit literally pierced my soul.  Im not sure if I have ever felt anything like it before to that extent…THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS INCREDIBLE!  We met with all of our investigators and the lessons went well.  Mariko is doing good but her mom is trying to end things with us and the church but Mariko is doing it anyways.  She knows that it is true, she is just scared for what might happen because her mom told her not to come home if she converts.  Tina is doing great.  She is going home in a few weeks to Logan for Christmas and is talking with her parents and then plans on coming back and getting baptized.  Kelly is doing exceptional.  She has felt more of a connection these past few weeks and is a lot happier too.  Cynthia is still a stale mate.  She has been reading a lot of the Bible and actually tried other churches out so it is a little bit concerning. She came to Stake conference and liked it so I hope that something that was said, touched her.  Wenjie is solid.  She comes with us to lessons and does amazing. She would be an excellent missionary! Well thats the week. Im ready for another week.  I love you so much and am so grateful for all the love and support XOXO!

Elder Ford

p.s. today is click day and makes it 16 months… I CANT BELIEVE IT! It is actually kind of sad that it is going by so fast!
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