Whats up family and friends? How are you all doing?
This week was awesome!  We had wonderful lessons with our investigators and we really got an understanding of where they are at.  Mariko opened up to us and told us that she really wants it and wants to get baptized but she just has to talk with her mom because her mom is against the church.  We are all praying very hard and could use prayers for her so that she can be baptized.  She is an awesome girl and I know this will change her life and help her!
Next, is Tina.  We met with her and she says that she knows that all of this is true.  The only set back is also her parents.  She wants to talk to her parents face to face but she isnt going back to Logan, Utah until Christmas.  We are in this position where we arent sure what to do because we dont want Satan to grasp her if it is too long, but we dont want to tell her to go against her parents. Any suggestions? She is awesome and I cant wait to see her get baptized.
Third, we have Kelly.  We met with Kelly and she is doing pretty good.  She is moving back to Vancouver, Washington at the end of this semester so we are trying to get her ready for baptism.  She is praying about getting baptized and we are meeting with her on wWednesday and seeing how that is going.  We are hoping she gets baptized really soon because she is ready.
All 3 of these girls can get baptized at any moment because they are all living the commandments and have been to church 3+ times.  this is an exciting time for us.
Cynthia came back to church and loved it.  We are still in a stale mate with her and it is interesting but she will eventually pull forward and get baptized! Well, that was the week! Short and simple lol, I love you! XOXO!
Elder Ford
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