Well I survived transfers… IM STILL AT U-DUB with Elder McBeth and we are super stoked! We have been teaching some awesome people and we are super excited to get to continue teaching these people at least for another 6 weeks and hopefully even more!  WENJIE GOT BAPTIZED SATURDAY!  The baptism was just amazing.  Elder McBeth baptized her Saturday and I confirmed her on Sunday.  Sunday night we had a fireside that we went to in spanish and Wenjie bore her testimony in spanish! It was amazing and deep (yes I got a headset so I could hear the translation in English! LOL).  Halloween on a college campus is quite interesting.  People still dress up and go crazy!  We had to be inside by 5pm to be safe and it was good because there was a shooting on the street that we used to live on and then there was a shooting threat on the college campus… sketchy stuff but we were good because we ordered pizza!  The week was awesome though because we also taught our other solid investigators.  Mariko came to church and loved it and Tina did too.  Cynthia is still working out her own issues with not finding her answer and then Bonie is solid too.  We are teaching some awesome people and we are blessed.  If anybody gives me crap for the fact that we are teaching all girls on a college campus… I WILL BEAT YOU WHEN I GET HOME! 🙂  I am super excited for this transfer now.  It was a good one and this one will be great too! Im ready to baptize more! 🙂 I love you all! XOXO DSCN8170[1] IMG_8241[1]

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