Hey everyone how are you doing?  This week was a pretty good week.  The exciting news is that Wenjie is getting baptized this Saturday!! HOORAY!  Elder McBeth is baptizing her and I am confirming her on Sunday.  We are super excited.  Her boyfriend is a member and is Ecuadorian and American so they definitely have fun speaking Spanish.  He will be joining the circle to confirm her so that is very exciting.  Wenjie is super cool and super golden!  We also met with Tina and she is very close to being baptized as well. She is just trying to figure out a day to get baptized and then it will be set. Next is Mariko.  She is doing really well and actually opened up to us a lot. She has never been able to talk about these sort of things with anyone (not even her parents) so she really enjoys talking with us and we enjoy it so much.  I can see her getting an answer soonish and getting baptized.  She is starting to understand who God and Christ are and why they are important to her individually.  Lastly, we taught Kelly and she is doing well too. She is trying to connect more with God and see if God wants her to get baptized because her mom is a less active member, her grandma is an active member, and her sister just joined the church so now that she is on her own she wants to think for herself. We are doing great on Red Square. I have grown to love it and we are having great success. We are super excited for the baptism Saturday and the baptisms to come in a few weeks. I love you! XOXO

Elder Ford
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