Whats up family and friends? How are you doing on this glorious glorious morning? This week was a very good week for us. We stayed busy and we had a lot of fun doing it. We met with Tina this week and she is very close to baptism. We are meeting with her on Thursday and are going to put her on date.  She went to church and watched meet the mormons and is just doing dandy! 🙂  She is really cool and I am super excited to be teaching her.  Next is Wenjie.  She was probably touched the most this week. We met with her 3 times, took her to a baptism, brought her to church, and took her to the Member and Missionary Fireside. Wenjie had a lot of emotion and cried several times. She can feel the Spirit and is going to get baptized! SHE IS AMAZING! Cynthia has been reading and praying and is feeling closer every day so we are just waiting for that firm answer for her to step into the font. We put a new girl on date and she is doing awesome. Her name is Mariko and she has family that has joined the church. She is very sincere and is doing great. We also started teaching Bonie this week. It was funny at first because she thought we were meeting to “hang out” but then we started teaching her and she didnt want to stop. She set up a return appointment and is really excited to learn more. We have been blessed with a lot of people to talk to and teach and now we are just working on helping them continue to progress and get baptized! I am loving my mission!  It is going by fast and that is crazy! I love you all! 🙂 XOXO

Elder Ford

I hear all about them especially being on a Pac 12 campus and around Seahawks fans… they are super depressed at the moment hahahahh Im just super happy! 🙂
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