Good morning everybody!  How are all of you doing?  I am hoping that the weather is still good where you are and surprisingly, the weather here isnt very bad.  This is an odd year for Seattle because we havent seen much rain since last winter/spring but I know it is coming soon because it is getting cooler here.  The 2 summers I have been here and the winters have been the longest summers and shortest winters in Seattle history and I am lucky enough to be here for the decent weather! Haha 🙂 This week was a fun week for us. On Monday we had our zone sports day and we played soccer.  I had so much fun and I actually scored 2 goals! I am now a huge fan of playing soccer and am going to look into playing more for fun when I am home.  Tuesday was our awesome Zone Conference and it was amazing.  We received a lot of training and reviewed a lot of old stuff that we talked about throughout my mission so far.  The best part about the week was our lessons. We had a few lessons with Wenjie this week and she is doing amazing.  She watched 3 out of the 4 sessions of conference on her own and she came to church.  She is still looking good for October 25th and I am very excited.  Madeline wants to still get baptized but is having a lot of fears with facing her mom since her mom doesnt want her to join the church.  We are trying to help her gain faith and confidence in the Lord so that she can gain help with her mom.  A new girl came to church this week and her name is Tina.  She is a non member from Logan, Utah and she wants to get baptized.  She met the sisters and they taught her a lesson but she wants to come to our ward because she has fellowship that she knows and felt very welcome, so… we got a golden investigator! We should be having a lot of baptisms very soon and we are excited.  I am trying to gain more desire and courage to talk to a lot of people on red square.  I tend to hold back and be scared and content with the people we are already teaching but I need to continue to try and find find find!  TO ZION TO ZION! LOL! I love you and miss you.. in a few days I will have only 9 months left.. CRAZY! XOXO
Elder Ford
FSCN3677[1] FSCN3657[1] FSCN3656[1] FSCN3678[1] FSCN3669[1]
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