What an amazing weekend we had! General Conference was incredible.!  I cannot even pick a favorite talk because so many of them were great…ALL OF THEM!  What were your favorite talks?

This week was a pretty good week for us.  We taught Madeline, Wenjie, Cynthia, and others.  Madeline is now on date for October 25th so now we have 3 on date.  Cynthia fell off date but we are planning on putting her back on date and looking for a day with her that she feels comfortable to make the commitment.  We have so many wonderful investigators!  We have been blessed tremendously and I am so thankful for it.  I felt some of the greatest peace ever during conference.  I thought a lot of where I was before my mission, where I was at the beginning of my mission, and where I am now and I see a lot of change.  While I am still Mason and still have the same personality, I have seen unrighteous desires fade, priorities increase, and happiness as I look and think about what I want my future to be comprised of.  I never thought that God and Jesus Christ would be a big part of my life besides a basic belief in them but now they are part of my life everyday and part of ever decision I make.  Thinking about college, a career, a wife in the temple… its all surrounded by our Father In Heaven and I am truly grateful for my heart to be softened and my eyes to be opened up.  I have the greatest examples in my life and the best family ever! I love this Gospel.  It helps each and everybody become who God wants them to be.  It makes me a better person and increases my potential! I love you all and hope that you were able to watch all the sessions of conference and if you werent, go back and watch or read the ones you missed.  They will bless your life and help you become closer to the Savior and our Father In Heaven.  If it changed me… IT CAN CHANGE YOU! (Or in the words of Richard G. Scott… DO IT!) XOXO!
Elder Ford
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