Week 1 of school is down and I am screaming, Miracle City!  This week was amazing!  The Lord really showed his hand in our work this week.  School started so there  are over 40,000 students and it is crazy.  It is a bit stressful but it is really cool too.  We had 2 great miracles on red square.  The first one was when I talked to a girl named Madeline.  She has tons of friends that are LDS.  Her uncle joined the church and moved to Salt Lake and she told me that she wants to join the church. The only thing is that her parents dont really like it but she said she might do it anyway. We have a lesson with her on Tuesday so it should be great… It was a great miracle.
The Second great miracle was a girl named Wenjie.  Wenjie came up to Elder McBeth and me and told us that she has 2 best friends that are in our church and she wants to come to church and learn.  We were very excited and confused because we received 2 miracles from the Lord and we didnt fully understand why we got them.  We are forever grateful!
Cynthia was not baptized on Saturday because she is not quite ready but she is very close.  We are having her watch General Conference with the question about baptism with her fellowship so it should be great.  We are very blessed at the moment because we are having great success.
 Zach received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday so it was very very exciting.  He already has a calling and is in home teaching now. He just shocks everybody every day, including me!
Red square is just ridiculous but I am having a wonderful time here and I love my new companion!  When you love your companion and have fun, there is nothing greater.  This stuff is just pure enjoyment.  GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS NEXT WEEKEND AND I AM STOKED!  I encourage you all to watch as much as you can.  I never ever use to watch the Saturday Session but it is amazing too.  My 1 tip is to write down questions that you have.  Throughout your week, write down questions or concerns you have, or even what you are going through and take them with you to conference.  Listen to what is being said, and listen to the Spirit as it speaks to you.  I know that conference is the time that we get to hear words of our Father In Heaven.  He knows us each individually and will answer the questions that we have! I love you all and hope that your week goes well! I miss you so much and love you! XOXO! 🙂
Elder Ford
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