This week was amazing! Elder Mackley and I were busy busy busy.  We had a total of 80 lessons which is unheard of!  We have had to skip dinners or eat out so that we can quickly get back to the church or the campus for lessons… we are hurting on money but maybe starving ourselves will make us lose weight! haha 🙂  Zack is getting baptized this Saturday at 5pm at the Stake Center and then confirmed on Sunday.  He is also going to go to the fireside and bare his testimony to everyone so I am really excited.  Cynthia has given up coffee for over a week now which is exciting but she is still trying to figure out her answer.  She is suppose to get baptized on the 27th and when she gets that answer she says that she will for sure get baptized.  She wants it badly and we just have to be patient.  We met a girl named Wei this week on Red Square.  She came to the church twice and we taught her.  She is from China and has only been to the USA for 10 days and speaks great English.  She is super awesome and is really excited.  She came to church with a member because he picked her up and she enjoyed it.  She asked him if he would pick her up next week to come back! 🙂  We have been extremely busy but we are seeing miracles everywhere.  We found 10 new investigators this week so this last week of the transfer should be busy! MIRACLES! Love you! Have a fantastic week I LOVE YOU ALL! XOXO!
Elder Ford
P.S. This is some good ol missionary work! LOL!
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