This week was great! We actually had an awesome time last Monday on P-Day.  We played tennis with Cynthia and Caroline, 2 of our investigators, and that was so much fun.  Our 3 investigators on date are doing great! Zack bore his testimony yesterday and is just super excited for his baptism.  He invited his family from Indiana and they are coming which is very special.  I cant wait for the 20th!  Cynthia is so close.  She is on date for the 27th and she will get baptized if she can hold off coffee.  She fasted and is staying away but it is really hard for her because she loves coffee.  Caroline is similar to Cynthia.  She likes coffee but can stay away from it.  She is just trying to apply God and Jesus Christ to herself personally.  Star is awesome too! We love Star because she is down to earth and honest with us which is awesome!  This week was so much fun.  We had a lot of teaching opportunities and we found 1 new investigator.  Her name is Catherine and she is from China also.  She was studying for the MCAT when we approached her and we took her on a tour of the church and set up a time to see her tomorrow.  The work is great but the campus is a little bit slow at the moment with school out for a month but this week was rush week for sororities so there were a lot of the new freshmen around.  We had a lot of fun.  I love Elder Mackley so much.  We have a lot of fun together and see The Lords hand in our work each and every day.  When something big happens I will share and have a longer email! haha I Love you! Hope you have a good week! XOXO
Elder Ford
P.S. I heard Utah Utes won.. yay!
P.P.S I heard my Broncos won.. yay!
KILLS ME HEARING ALL OF IT AND NOT BEING ABLE TO WATCH IT! Ill make next season since I will be home in 10 months… wow the mission flies bye! Love ya! 🙂
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