Last week I was terrified to come to this area and have to stand on Red Square and talk to all the students of U-Dub but now… I LOVE IT!  It only took me about 2 days to get used to it but now I am loving it.  YSA wards are really fun because the people our age are all so supporting and are great at fellowshipping!  I LOVE ELDER MACKLEY!  Him and I are so similar and like so many of the same things!  We have grown so close already and I know we are bros for life!  Elder Mackley and I had an amazing week!  We had a total of 50 lessons and we have 6 progressing investigators.  We are very busy every day either on the Square or having a lesson!  
The first day in this area, a girl named Cynthia ran up to us and told us that she had been looking for us.  She has an LDS friend and co worker.  While she was working, she got into a deep discussion about God and the co worker somehow had randomly decided to take a Book of Mormon to work with her that day.  The worker gave it to Cynthia and told her to meet with us.  Cynthia found us and we have already met with her 3 times and she came to church with us! Cynthia had no concept of God but she already feels a change! SHE IS SO SOLID! She has accepted a baptismal date of September 27th so we are really excited for her.  We also met another girl on Red Square named Star.  Star is a 19 year old sorority girl that accepted a church tour so we took her on one.  We met with her again the next day and she asked us so many great questions.  We have yet to put her on date but she is super awesome as well! We also met with another girl named Caroline who is also my age.  She is working in a buisness program and working at Kate Spade at the moment.  She has been taught a lot and is on date for September 13th.  She is really awesome and she came to church as well.  I love this area and I love the ward.  From what I hear, this ward is the best YSA ward in the mission and I think that that is true!  The bishop is Bishop Tucker and he is a big goof ball and I love it! We have a lot of fun on the Lords Team!  We have 6 progressing investigators and they are all super awesome and prepared! I am so blessed that the Lord sent me here to this area. This humbles me and makes my testimony stronger because I doubted and didnt want to come to this area.  I feared and The Lord knew that this would be a great experience and a growing experience for me!  This just proves to me that Ether 12:27 is truly inspired! God is good! I am so blessed! XOXO
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