WHATS GOIN ON PEOPLE WITH A LIFE? hahahah I am funny right? How are you doing today? How the heck was your week?  I will tell you about our week! Elder DeMille and I are doing just great here on Mercer Island.  We had an average week this last week but it was still a good week.  We had an amazing District Meeting this week… we have the best district in the mission!  We talked about what we learned in Zone Conference and every companionship did training in district meeting.  Elder DeMille and I got to teach and do training on what President Choi spoke about at Zone Conference.  We limited it down to 1. Opening our mouth 2. Motivating each other 3. Finding our true identity! I LOVED DISTRICT MEETING!  Between the 2 meetings we had we had really great training.  Elder DeMille and I also listened to some talks on a CD and they were just amazing.  I feel like this week was just a week to get pounded by inspiration and the Spirit! Now to our investigators… This week we weren’t able to meet with Smiley or Zach and Victoria because they were out of town.  We did set up a lesson with both of them tomorrow so that is good and I really hope we can make progress with them…they are taking us to QDOBA, SCORE!!!!!!  They all are kind of stuck at one spot and that is making that commitment to be baptized but I pray that the Spirit will touch them and that they will take a leap of faith! Elder DeMille and I are really trying to find new investigators but we haven’t been able to find any.  We just keep trying to receive inspiration and I have been learning patience even more.  In The Lord’s Time! DOUBT NOT FEAR NOT! that is the key!  Also, yesterday was one of the greatest Sabbath Days ever.  The topics were on The Atonement and the 2 speakers did a fantastic job and told the greatest stories ever about themselves. Everything just seemed to click and it was awesome!  Our goal is to find new investigators and to help them progress… WE NEED TO STAY BUSY! I hope everyone is doing great! XOXO

Elder Ford


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