This week was a rough week for Elder DeMille and me.  We went from having the most lessons we have ever had to having the least amount of lessons we have ever had.  A lot of people here on Mercer Island leave in the summer so it can be very hard to find people to teach.  It seems like almost every door we knock on, nobody answers it.  We are still trying to work hard and do our best.  We weren’t able to meet with Zach and Victoria because they were sick this week and Smiley was with Jeans family camping so we havent seen them either.  We had a few activities in the ward this week that we were able to attend and try and get the members to invite their friends.  We went to a piano recital at the church which was a lot of fun and then we also got to go to our wonderful mission fireside.  The fireside last night was amazing and very spiritual.  Many recent converts bore their testimony and the music was amazing!  We sang the EFY Medley and the spirit just pounded everybody in the room and it was filled with tears.  I loved that song and it really boosted up my spirit after this week. This next week will be better! The cool part of this week though was that it was my hump week! I am now on the down slope home! CRAZY! My boys Preston and Brady Parmenter went into the MTC the 17th so we are exactly 1 year apart which is awesome! I am so proud of all my boys that are going out and serving The Lord.. WELCOME TO THE TEAM! I am loving my mission even though it gets tough and Satan really tries us missionaries hardcore! Life isnt too bad! 🙂 I love you all and miss you! XOXO

Elder Ford



(Package from my mom on my hump day)

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