This week was a great week for Elder DeMille and me.  We had the highest key indicators that I have had on Mercer Island so that is great.  The only downside of things, is that it has been in the 90’s here and Air Conditioning is non existent in Washington. NOBODY HAS IT! It is so hot and it has been humid so it is IMPOSSIBLE TO GET DRY! Im sure people have it worse than me like my boy Sam, but still it is not fun to always be wet!  Elder DeMille and I biked around the whole Island almost everyday this last week and it is beautiful!  It is a killer ride and my legs and back definitely feel it but its okay!  I know my father would do anything to be able to bike the island! 🙂 Anyways, We met with Smiley twice this week and taught her The Gospel of Jesus Christ and The Plan of Salvation.  We have been having a hard time reading Smiley in the lessons but she comes to church every week.  She really opened up when we taught The Plan of Salvation and it was a very spiritual lesson.  We are teaching her tomorrow about the commandments and we really hope that she will consider a baptismal date!We also got to meet with Zach and Victoria this week for the first time.  They took us to Qdoba and we had a discussion.  Victoria told us that she is ready to get baptized but she is just waiting for her husband so they can get baptized together.  Zach wants to get a job before he is baptized but we are really trying to help him exercise his faith and rely on the Lord to help him find a job after he gets baptized… we will figure something out!

There was also a big 2 day celebration on Mercer Island where thousands of people celebrated and all of the downtown streets were closed.  Elder DeMille and I tried to talk to people and had little success but we still were able to talk to many people.  We did talk with the Catholic church leaders and they were very very nice… they bought us lunch and thanked us for our work.  The week was very awesome.  Although we only had 3 people at church, this might have been the best week we had here on the Island! I am loving the Island and things are going really good! We have a lot of people we are working with and talking to, so it is amazing! The work of The Lord is awesome! I love it! I hope you all have a wonderful week and lets BAPTIZE LIKE ALMA together! 🙂 XOXO

Elder Ford

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