DSCN2881[1]Well today was transfers and I am happy to say that I was not transferred. I am staying on Mercer Island and I did get a new companion. I am sad to see Elder Zhao go, but guess what… he went to my last area with my last companion… Elder Zhao is with Elder Kearley in Redmond 3rd haha! I am so jealous of him because that is ZION! My new companion is Elder DeMille from Richfield, UT! He actually lives in Annabella which is tiny town by Richfield but close enough haha! He is super awesome and he is really old haha not really he is only 20 but he has been out for a year and a half! I am so amazed that I hit my year mark in a few weeks and then it is all down hill from that… hump day is arriving on the 17th! We are working with Smiley and Jean right now and we actually had a really good lesson with them last night and they are having a wonderful time learning. The lesson last night was on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they are really thinking about it and asking really good questions! We are also working with Zachary and Victoria which is going really good too! We are meeting with them this week and teaching them. We also had 2 random chinese people walk into church so we are having miracles happen all around us! I am loving it here and I am loving my mission even though it is tough! Elder DeMille and I are going to baptize the world together!!! 🙂 I miss you and love you! XOXO




Elder Ford


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