This week was a great week on Mercer Island.  The numbers were kind of slow but we had a marvelous miracle.  There was a girl named Bethany who was looking for her phone because she lost it.  She was on the streets and for some reason there were Spanish Sisters that were on the Island and happened to talk to her on the street.  They asked her if she wanted to see our church and she said yes.  They called Elder Zhao and me and we raced over to the church because the whole island is our area and they wanted us to show her the church and teach her a lesson.  Bethany is a Chinese girl but speaks good English, so Elder Zhao and I can both talk to her.  We showed her the church and she really liked it.  She told us she wants to learn twice a week and then come to church on Sunday… she even accepted a baptismal date for June 28th!  Also, we even helped her find her IPhone!!! 🙂 It was all the same day and she met members and the Bishop so she was well introduced to us.  We taught her twice, on Friday and Saturday, and it was awesome because she asked us when the right time and when she should be baptized.  Bethany is super golden and will be baptized very soon… I LOVE CHINESE PEOPLE!  It seems like everyone that is open and is learning the gospel is Chinese and it is so great! 🙂 If we aren’t allowed in China, we will just teach them as they come to the USA! hahahahha 🙂

We had interviews this week and they went really well.  We had zone meeting as well and we learned a lot.  Our mission has set a goal of baptizing 100 people this month (June) so the meeting was on that and how we can accomplish this goal.

I will fast forward to Sunday, Sunday was amazing!  We had 6 investigators at church and a less active that hadnt been to church in over a year or two.  Bethany was one of the investigators and she loved it.  I spoke in Sacrament Meeting and had a wonderful time.  I felt like my talk was good and everybody told me after that it was a really good talk and that they really appreciated it.  I spoke on my conversion and how I eventually gained a testimony and decided to serve a mission.  I had a wonderful time this week and I know that we have baptisms coming really soon! I spoke using no notes or anything… all from the Spirit so it was good!  I can send some notes if anybody wants to know or read the talk that I gave!  It was a super week and I am so excited for all these Miracles that the Lord has blessed us with! I hope all is well! I love you so much! Miss you! XOXO!

Elder Ford

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