Well we have one week down on Mercer Island.  We had a lot of fun but I am beat.  We cover the whole Island… ON BIKE!!!  My body is killing me and I am about to fall over dead.  On the up side, we talked with our investigator and she is getting baptized this Saturday!  It is a lot of fun because her name is Jean Li and she is from China.  All of the lessons are in Chinese so I sit there and Elder Zhao does all of the translating so it is kind of cool.  It is nice to have a Chinese companion. haha  The ward is small but it is really cool because President and Sister Choi are in our ward since the mission home is on Mercer Island.  Mercer Island is very beautiful but people here are not very nice.  We got yelled at a lot by people but its whatever.  Mercer Island is the Provo for Jewish people… they are everywhere!!! We had a fun week but are just trying to find more people to teach and prepare for the baptism on Saturday! ​Other than that, not a ton happened in this first week on the Island. ( I am staying on the Island.. I haven’t been voted off yet…I’m good at survivor LOL )Image

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