Hello everybody!  As you can see by the subject, I got transferred… AGAIN!  I have left ZION (Redmond 3rd Ward) and I am now serving on Mercer Island which is the richest place in the whole mission, if not the whole state!  My last week in Redmond was way fun.  We taught a bunch of lessons and did a lot of service.  A bunch of us went to a members and baled a bunch of hay on a farm and boy was I dying with my allergies!  We baled over 200 bales of hay and they each weighed over 90 lbs… it sucked!!!!!!  We also had Stake Conference in Redmond and it was probably the best Stake Conference that I have been to.  Elder Call of The Seventy came and gave the most remarkable messages about opening our mouths to share the Gospel and to serve God by spreading the Gospel and loving him (keeping the commandments).  President and Sister Choi were also there and talked so it was a powerhouse because we heard from 2 General Authorities!!!  I loved Stake Conference and was sad that it was over.  Elder Kearley and I had the most lessons we had ever had this last week and we just had a blast.  It was so sad to leave him and I still miss him very much but now I have a new companion.  My new companion is Elder Xin Zhao from China.  I am now the senior companion again and we are serving together on Mercer Island.  I have no clue how this area is but I will find out.  President and Sister Choi are in our ward so that will be way awesome to see them a lot!  I am so excited to be here and I hope that we have a lot of fun here just like I did in Redmond.  Im sorry that this was a short email but thats mostly the highlight of what went down this last week haha! 🙂 I hope you have a great week! I love you! XOXO


Elder Ford


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