What an amazing week we had here in the Redmond 3rd Ward AGAIN! The work is truly hastening here. We met with our investigator, Brother Jason Chamberlain on Friday and talked with him because he was suppose to get baptized on Friday but he was nervous.  But, The Lord works out everything.  The Bishop talked with him and we all came together and he was baptized on Saturday. I was lucky enough to do the baptism and it was my first one ever that I have done and it was amazing. It brought me back to my baptism but now I am on the other side baptizing others. It is amazing! 

We met with the Sanchez Family and we are so close to getting permission for the daughters to get baptized this weekend.  We are praying very hard for the father to soften his heart and just let the baptism happen this week!  It is really cool though because If they do get baptized this week, then that will be 3 weeks in a row that we baptized. The daughters are so ready! 

This last week a russian family that speaks perfect english walked into church with a random member that wasnt even from our ward. We talked with the family and they really want to learn now. They have a 17 year old son that was immediately taken in by the young men and it was awesome. The young men got his number and they all planned a day to hang out. 

Our Stake put on a huge production play called Built On The Rock and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  Built On The Rock was written by 2 sisters.  The play and all the songs, choreography, etc. were written by them! TALENT!  There were 4 showings and we were there for 3 of them to Usher and to watch it.  It had been planned for months as they rehearsed and it was a huge focus for everybody to get non members there… well, we had hundreds of non members between the 4 shows which was AMAZING.  Many referrals were given, taken, etc.  All of the youth had their friends and were introducing them to us and everything that could go right, went perfect! 🙂  I am going to get a DVD because they filmed it and I will send it home so that my family can see it because the Spirit is SO STRONG!  Built On The Rock really got the youth into missionary work and we are really seeing that here in our ward. 

 We also met with a member with an unbaptized child. This family comes to church mostly every week but hasnt always accepted visitors because they just went through a really tough divorce. The wife is in our ward and has 3 little boys.  Elder Kearley and I bore our testimony last sunday and she heard that we both come from broken families where divorce occurred. She asked if we could come and talk more and we immediately said yes. It is amazing that God knows everything. This member never was that receptive to visitors but when two missionaries like us that know what her situation is like with divorce, she opened up and wants us to visit! 🙂 We have so much work right now it is insane and I love it! 🙂 This work is amazing and I am so grateful that I am able to serve The Lord!  It seems like it has taken me a while to figure myself out as a missionary, but now I think I am getting the hang of it! 🙂

SUNDAY WAS AMAZING!  We had 7 investigators at church  AND…. IT WAS MOTHERS DAY which means…. I GOT TO SKYPE MY FAMILY!  It was amazing to see my family and talk… it is just a little different than emailing every week! hahah 🙂  I had a wonderful time talking and it was bittersweet and sad to say bye until Christmas, but I know Christmas will be here in no time because time is flying bye!  Next week is transfers so you will hear from me on Tuesday… PRAY THAT I STAY HERE!!! I DONT WANT TO LEAVE ZION!!! 🙂  I miss you all and love you dearly! XOXO 


Elder Ford

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