This week was the greatest week ever!  On Monday we visited with Karina after P-Day was over and we had the most spiritual lesson I have ever had in my life.  The whole room was filled with wet eyes as we all shared our own experiences in life and trials that we have had to overcome.  Karina felt the Spirit strongly and told us that she received an answer that The Book of Mormon was true.  Karina told us that she wanted to get baptized so we set it up for her to get baptized on Saturday, May 3, 2014.  Tuesday came around and we went back to visit Karina and she had her interview and passed the interview… everything was falling into place! 🙂  Wednesday we met with the Sanchez Family and there is some not so good news.  Apparently the parents are not married because the wife is legally married to somebody else in Mexico.  Luckily, we are still pursuing the girls, Makensy and Blanca, and they are going to get baptized really soon! 🙂  Thursday was an awesome day because of the wonderful Zone Conference we had.  I am so grateful for the inspiration and revelation that was received.  Zone conferences always boost up my spirit and get me fired up to work hard and find miracles!  We met with Karina later Thursday night and set up everything for Saturday! On Friday we had a big ward culture night with food and everything and that was a blast.  We got to party it up with the ward, with investigators, and with food… COMIDA! Saturday came around AND… KARINA WAS BAPTIZED!  It was the most amazing thing ever!  Karina was so happy and told us that she hasnt been happier.  All she would do was smile the whole time and I loved to see that!  Karina is a special person and a wonderful daughter of God back on the straight and narrow!  Karina was comfirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting.  Sacrament meeting was the best meeting I have ever been in.  The testimonies were incredible and so many people went up and shared that we went 35 minutes over the time!  I cant even describe everything in this email and in worlds… it is just amazing!  The Lord is blessing us because two people came up to us after the meeting and told us that they want to learn and be baptized.  There were 2 non members that showed up and nobody knew who they were but they asked the Bishop to have us talk to them because they want to learn and get baptized! MIRACLES! LIKE COME ON THAT IS STUFF THAT IS HOLLYWOOD OR SOMETHING… LIKE HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN.??? IDK BUT IT DID! That isnt even the best part…  Later Sunday night we also received a phone call from a member of a different ward and they told us that they ran into somebody at Jiffy Lube and him and his wife want to learn and they live in our area.  OKAY NOW THIS IS CREEPY!  REALLY?? ARE WE REALLY GETTING MORE PEOPLE TO TEACH?? AAAAAMAZING!!!! MIRACLES!!!!!!  The Lord is hastening his work so much here in our area and I am so grateful.  We baptized 1 person this week and we got 5 new investigators right after by straight miracles of The Lord.  The members are amazing and have really caught on to member missionary work!  I have understood my mission and why I have been called here.  I love this work and I love this gospel and I can feel myself growing stronger each and every day! I am so blessed to be here and I wouldnt want to be anywhere else at this moment!  I love my Savior and I love this gospel!  It is so true and I couldnt ever deny it!  I will continue to share it and risk my life to help and serve others! GOD IS GOOD! I love you all! XOXO

Elder Ford





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