This week was another great week here in the Redmond 3rd Ward. We did not have our baptism yesterday because we feel it is better to have Jason come to church one more time before he is baptized so I will be baptizing him real soon!  We met with him this week and set up the program and everything so he is just about ready!  He came to church and loved seeing all the people and meeting them.  I think he might have been a bit overwhelmed, but it was a good overwhelming… I love Jason!!!

 We also met with the Sanchez family and they told us that they just need a little bit of time to talk to their other family and then they will get baptized. They are a little bit scared and nervous but they know that the church is true, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I love being a part of the Sanchez Family because they told Elder Kearley and I that they love us and they love that we are so loving. We are part of the family. They really feel that we are there to help them and not just be robots and get a baptism and leave, but to really help them and create a wonderful friendship for eternities… we are family! 

We also met with Karina this week a few times and she is so ready! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and The Gospel of Jesus Christ and she told us that she wants to be baptized. Karina came with us last night to the new member fireside and she LOVED it! She leaned over to us and told us immediately when she heard there was another on in a month that she wanted to go and by then she will be a new member. Elder Kearley and I have been blessed with so many prepared people (6 or 7) and we are so happy! We love seeing how happy and involved the members are because our whole ward is going bananas because of all the new faces they see at church! It is amazing work and I love it!  I have dealt with an illness this week but I am getting back to better health every day.  I am not sure why it always seems like I am getting sick?? No clue hahah but I am all good.  Sorry to cut it short but it was an awesome week!  Hopefully you will here soon about baptism because that is the next step for everyone and it will be really soon! Well, I love you! Have a good week! Miss you! XOXO

Elder Ford

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