It was another wonderful week for Elder Kearley and me. We are seeing the hastening of the work big time in our area. We have 6 people on date for baptism right now and they are all solid and excited to get baptized. 

We have our wonderful investigator Jason Chamberlin who is getting baptized this Sunday and I am lucky enough to be the one baptizing him. He is pretty much one of my favorite people ever and I love him so much. He always has a smile on his face and is so ready to get baptized. I am so excited for him to come to the family.

Next, we have the Sanchez Family. They are such an amazing family. We met with them this week and the father told us that he had been calling some family members and telling them that he thinks he wants to be “a mormon!” The family was kind of surprised and upset because his family background has been devoted to the Catholic faith. Luckily, we have the greatest fellowship ever who was in the exact same situation as the Sanchez father. Our fellowship, Brother Montiel, was deticated to the virgin Mary and was in a very Catholic family in Mexico. Brother Montiel shared his story and conversion with the family and the Spirit was very strong! We read the scriptures with the family and testified through the Spirit and I havent ever had so much love for an amazing family. I am starting to gain Charity and I am so grateful for that. The youngest Sanchez daughter testified to her own dad how much the church has blessed her and her sister and how amazing it is and that they want their dad to join in and let them all be baptized. The fathers heart has softened and I know that he wants to because he has told us. He is just afraid of change but we are helping them out with it. The amazing part as well is that the family came to church yesterday for Easter! We sat with them and they said that they really enjoyed it. The 2 girls actually went up to the podium and sang with the primary and youth for Easter and you could see the fathers face beaming with peace and joy… it was a miracle from God.

We also taught a girl named Karina Valdares, who is living with members of our ward. Karina was in a foster home but it didnt work out so The Campbells took her in to their home. Karina asked if she could take the lessons and of course we said yes! Yesterday we had Easter with the family and Karina. We had a wonderful meal and we taught the first lesson to her. Karina was smiling the whole time and told us that she had that really good feeling that she had when she was at the baptism because we took her to a baptism on Saturday… she was feeling the Spirit of God. We asked Karina to pray and read from the scriptures and if she got her answer to be baptized on May 3… without a hesitation she said yes!!! Karina is an amazing young women and I am so honored to be able to share the Gospel with her.

The work of the Lord is amazing! I love my companion! Elder Kearley and I are best friends. AND FOR THOSE OF YALL THAT DONT KNOW, Elder Kearleys mom and my mom went to high school together and this last weekend they met together in Saint George and sent us pictures of them together. It is a small world but I love it! Elder Kearley is an amazing missionary and I love him so much! Thanks to the Lord for putting us together! The work is really hastening and I love the Redmond 3rd ward.  This is the greatest mission ever!  I love it! Hope you all had a HAPPY EASTER! I love you! XOXO

Elder Ford

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