MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING! This has probably been my favorite week of my mission. I have been out 9 months now and I have experienced my favorite time on my mission so far. I love Elder Kearley so much and I love my area here in the Redmond 3rd Ward. I am so blessed to be with Elder Kearley and so blessed to have stayed here in Redmond 3rd! I LOVE IT! 

We have been meeting with Jason Chamberlin and he is ready to be baptized next Friday the 25th. He just has to come to church one more time and then he is set. I am so excited for him because he is amazing. We gave him 20 copies of The Book of Mormon and he handed all of them out at The University of Washington by himself! He even asked us for more of them so we are going to keep giving him more because he loves sharing the Gospel as much as we do. He is a wonderful example and an amazing friend. I love him so much!

We also went over and met with The Sanchez Family on Friday. They are a family that has 2 girls, Mckenzie (15) and Blancca (8) who have been coming to church for about a year now but their father is Catholic. The girls want to be baptized but the dad said they have to wait until they are 18 to be baptized which is in a long time. We went over to their house and talked for a while and shared a message with the family about the restoration and the blessing that have come from it. The spirit was very strong and the father asked us if we would come back on Sunday night. We left with a prayer and included a personal prayer for the dad because he told us he has been experiencing terrible nightmares and he wants them gone. I left a prayer with them and the Spirit remained strong in the home. It was an awesome visit!

Sunday came around and we took a member with us to the Sanchez home, Brother Montiel. Brother Montiel was the greatest fellowship ever because he already knew the family. The Lord provided. We talked more about The Book of Mormon and read 3 Nephi 11 with the whole family. Brother Sanchez expressed how peaceful he felt and that he felt good. He told us that after we left on Friday, that all his nightmares had gone away and he has felt peace and love in his home. Brother Sanchez told us that he believes in the Book of Mormon and in Joseph Smith and is just waiting to get his answer from God. We testified a lot and Brother Montiel shared his conversion story because he was a strong Catholic growing up. I have never felt the Spirit so strongly in a lesson… it was incredible. You could see the Spirit hit the father and guess what… we put the whole family on date for baptism on May 3rd! The father, the mother, and the two girls are all on date for May 3rd! It was an amazing week. The Lord continues to provide as we work hard and trust in him and exercise our faith. Elder Kearley and I have set a goal of 10 baptism in this ward together and so far we have 5 on date. We are going to work hard and keep highering our expectations to the Lord! I have never loved my mission so much!  I love you so much! I am so excited!!!  We are going to have a lot of baptisms this transfer! TO ZION TO ZION HOORAH HOORAH FOR THE REDMOND 3RD WARD!!! 🙂 hahaha XOXO

Elder Ford

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