This week was an awesome week! We had zone meeting and interviews.  This week was the best week that Elder Kirk and I have had. We had 3 people at church and now we have 3 golden investigators that we are working with. We received a referral of a guy named Jason who has friends in Utah and they actually referred him here. He expressed that he is just ready and excited to learn and be baptized. We are meeting with him this Wednesday and putting him on date! We also received names of 2 little girls that are sisters named McKenzie and Blancca Sanchez. They have been coming to church for months with friends but are not members but really want to be baptized. We are going over tomorrow to teach both of them and get parental permission to baptize them because they are ages 14 and 8. The work is truly hastening especially because in our ward the members are doing well with giving us names. All 3 of our golden investigators are because of members! It is amazing! 

Last night we had the opportunity to go to a new member fireside and it was in my old area of Burien!  I really enjoyed the new member fireside last night. It was probably one of the most spiritual meetings that I have had on my mission. I was so amazed when I saw Sister Denise Pelton who I baptized when I was back in Bothell.  She got up with her walker and bore her testimony on the microphone. Hearing all the stories of each person really made me be excited and happy to be a missionary. Especially when I heard that most of them were mean to missionaries at one point but now they accepted them and got baptized. This just shows that a “NO” right now will turn to a “YES” in the future. Negativity comes from Satan and we just need to push along and have fun with the spirit as we do the work of the Lord!  I was so happy because I got to see Denise and also Maile, Kamran, and Kiana who were my converts in Burien!  I saw people that I worked with and taught as well.  I saw the Jorgensens (my ward mission leader in burien) and The Anguilaus (bishop in burien)! I MISS BURIEN SO MUCH!! I WANT TO GO BACK SO BADLY!! There is nothing like serving in the ghetto with all the humble people that really appreciate you!  I love all the people I have met and I am so blessed and grateful to be a missionary here in Seattle, Washington.  I now know why I was sent and I know it was for a reason! I LOVE MY MISSION!  I love you all! XOXO


Elder Ford

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