Hey everybody how are you doing?  It has been another week in Redmond and it was a pretty good one.  After 3 weeks of having nobody to teach we finally found 1 investigator.  The work has been slow lately but we finally got somebody to teach and I hope it holds up and he doesnt bail on us.  

On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Rowley who is from Tennessee but actually lived in St. George for a few years with his dad….small world.  I had a lot of fun with him as we visited one of his investigators who is getting married this Saturday and we are invited… A WEDDING ON A MISSION?? SCORE!!!!!!  It is going to be awesome because there are going to be tons of non members and food and ice cream… cuz ice cream is Wanda’s favorite thing ever! hahahha

Wednesday was a crappy day because my bike broke down while we were riding.  Our ward mission leader came and got us and we took it to REI to see what the deal was and my bottom bracket striped the whole frame and wrecked the bike so it cant be fixed unless they get a new frame for it.  I am seeing how much a new frame costs, otherwise I have to buy a new bike…. NO BUENO!!!! So, Elder Kirk and I have been walking everywhere around town in the pouring rain because it is WET!

Thursday was a good day because MY SISTER NICOLE TURNED 25!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD FART!!! hahhahah

Sunday was awesome as well because I got called up in sacrament meeting to share my thoughts and bare my testimony with everyone.  Not everyday you get called like that without any preparation, but I killed it! haha I shared my thoughts on my mission, missionary work, and what got me on a mission.  Everyone came up to me after and said they really appreciated my words, so I guess the Spirit did its job cuz idk what i said hahahhah!! 🙂  Sunday was a great day too because there is a huge Book of Mormon musical play put on by the whole youth of the stake called “Built On The Rock” that is going to be in May but we went with the youth of our ward to the practice rehersal and holy moley it was amazing!  The singing was incredible and brought the Spirit so strongly!

This week was awesome and although the work is slow right now and not a ton is going on, we will continue to work on it.  Im sorry that my emails arent like baptisms all the time but its alright I guess because everybodys missions are different… hopefully I find some baptisms soon! 🙂 I love you all and miss you and hope you have a great week!  Thanks so much for all of the love and support! XOXO

Elder Ford

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