Hey everyone how are you doin?  This week was a cool week!  It was pretty slow and we still dont have any investigators but that is alright because the ward is doing a good job at trying to help us.  We had a potluck with the Chinese English class that we have been doing and we had a wonderful turn out.  About 20 Chinese people came and we had a blast playing games, eating, and just having conversations.  We had about 10 member families at the potluck too and it was a giant party! 🙂  Zheng and Long were there and they are both recent converts that are Chinese and they invited their Chinese friends and community.  It was so awesome because at the end of the night we had taught 7 lessons and 4 of the people asked for A Book Of Mormon and asked to take the lessons.  3 of them are not in our area but we called the other Elders and they have already taught the 3 of them a lesson and they are gonna come to church.  It is so awesome to see how the work is going in this area because tracting does nothing.  We have tracted the whole area and have 0 investigators from it, but the ward fellowship by friends has created great success just like our prophet has suggested from The Lord.  The greatest way to hasten the work is through fellowshipping our own friends!  It was a great time with the Chinese people.  It is very similar how their culture and their standards are to the Gospel actually.. it was shocking how close it is.  We are having success with this and we are only going to keep spreading it! 🙂  This week was a lot of fun!  May we all extend the offer and accept our prophet by fellowshipping our friends.  It doesnt need to be a spiritual force on them, but by small and simple acts of service and getting them use to the LDS members, you will notice them recognize the Spirit!  It is awesome! 🙂 I hope you all have success and have a wonderful week! Hopefully your weather is good cuz it has rained all day everyday here haha and it sucks!! 🙂 I am soaked all day on my bike getting dirty and wet hahaha! 🙂  I have to go and try and buy some food now hahah it is hard to live a whole month on $150.. near impossible unless it is ramen everyday hahha… ya try and live on $150 a month and tell me how it is hahah starve yourself pretty much lololol 🙂 hahhahaha but I am not complaining hahahahahah! 🙂  I love you all and hope all is well! 🙂 XOXO

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