Well everyone things are going good!  I am back pretty much to full health minus a little bit of a cough but I am feeling much much better so I thank you all for the many prayers!  This week was a good week but a tester as well.  It seemed like no matter where we were or what we were doing, there were people that were just straight up rude to us.  This just makes me so dang mad and angry… Charity is definitely what The Lord is trying to help me with because I just get angry!  

This week we had a Special Zone Conference and I have never been hit so hard about The Atonement. President Choi called up Elder Sorenson, our zone leader, and said,
      “Elder Sorenson, imagine if your zone was 95% obedient and the other 5% is the natural imperfections and mistakes of human culture.  There are 20 missionaries in your zone and each of them makes 5 little mistakes so…that puts 5 pushups on the board for each missionary.”

Elder Sorenson got on the ground and started doing 5 push ups for each of the 20 missionaries in the zone…100 pushups!  This hit me hard!  There is nothing like watching someone painfully push through 100 push ups because of things they didnt even do. It was only a few mistakes and sins from 20 missionaries but it adds up and builds pain for one person. This really hit me about my Savior Jesus Christ. He went through all the pains and sins of the world to pay the price for all of mankind so that we can repent and be forgiven! I was crying and felt the Spirit strongly as I had to count my own 5 sins when Elder Sorenson did the pushups for me. I am trying my best to be clean spiritually and temporally and cause the least amount of pain to everyone. I guess this really does mean taking my name and my will and giving it to the Lord and having Charity. I have been tested this week because everyone was so rude to us. Elder Kirk and I went into a gas station to get out of the rain for a second and the cashier yelled at us and told us we were a bunch of hypocrites in a cult. Every time someone does this to me I just get so angry and want to give up but I know I cant do that. Satan gets to me and I just try and let it go but it is hard for me to not get angry about it because I feel so attacked and sad. I have a lot to learn but this is all a learning process, that is what The Plan Of Salvation is… a plan of learning and a plan of happiness.

Elder Kirk and I tracted into a lady that needed help raking her leaves, so we raked them up and she was so happy. Her name is Tanya and she was crying because she was amazed that 2 young men would go around and just offer to help. Tanya said that she had been praying for help because recently she got sick and when that happened, Elder Kirk and I showed up offering service in any way. It is amazing that The Lord led us to her and we hope that by our continuous service to her, the Spirit will touch her into wanting to learn more and more about the Gospel.
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