Hey everyone!  Hope all is well with you and I hope the weather is decent because Seattle is finally settling in here because it has been rainy almost every day this week… yes we get SOAKED!!!  Getting soaked sounds bad, and it can be cold but it is also really fun!! 🙂 

This week was the best week we have had all transfer!!  

This transfer has been a struggle for me and I have finally realized why.  We had an awesome Zone Meeting about being a successful missionary and I was also given one of the greatest talks ever to read.  The talk is called “The Fourth Missionary” and I suggest that everyone should check it out!  Sure it is focused on missionaries, but we are all missionaries so I know that anyone and everyone can benefit from it.  The work of the Lord is all about His Will.  Sure life is tough and we all face challenges and trials and we want to do things our way, but that isnt the easy way!  As a missionary you should be happy doing the Lords work but there is only one way to do it… the Lords way and following the Spirit!  When we try to do things our own way or ponder and dread the things we want to be doing, it takes the Spirit away.  Why would we take The Spirit away if that is real happiness?? I dont know why but I am guilty of it!  Church was awesome because we learned about The Plan of Salvation which ties right in to what I have learned.  We are put here on this earth to learn and grown.  We face mistakes and trials and grow from them.  We learn to accept the Gospel and put the Lord first.  What is the true meaning of “Forget Yourself and Go To Work?”  The true meaning is to put The Lords Will above ours.  Surrender ourselves and serve The Lord!  Im not sure why it took me (7 months today) to realize what a successful missionary is but now that I do know, I am going to strive with all my heart, might, mind, and strength to do everything and anything to serve my God and my Savior, Jesus Christ because I have been set apart from the world to be a representative of him.  How cool is that?  If you think about the scriptures,  I am playing the role of those preachers in The Book of Mormon to share the Gospel to all (well Seattle) but you get the point! 🙂  Im sorry for possibly wasting time and maybe my emails havent been so good and spiritual this last transfer but I can promise you now that the future is exciting!  What a blessing it is to actually find a relationship with Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.  May we all find our true happiness by serving the Lord and putting His Will before ours! 🙂  Have a wonderful week! I love you XOXO!

Elder Ford
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