Whats up peeps?  This week was crazy but it actually was a good week!  It went by pretty fast and we actually taught a lesson to Kristen and Darrell!  We had the highest numbers this week than we have had all transfer so it was awesome!! AND… yesterday everything was shut down because it snowed a bunch!  We were stuck inside all day haha no church or anything!  Saturday night it was snowing hard and our area is all a bunch of hills but we prayed to make it home safe because there were over 50 cars pulled over and abandoned or they were crashed cars.. it was way scary but we were determined and we made it home safe hahahh dont worry mom! 🙂  This week we had fun together and we taught a few part member families so that is always good.  I have a great feeling about Kristen because she is the non member but has been so involved in learning.. it has been great!! 🙂  Elder Jensen and I have a ton of fun together and I cant believe that this transfer is already almost over.. holy cow!!! Well that was how are week was hahha hopefully we dont get stuck more because besides saturday night snow, it has been nothing but sunshine here!!!! Well I love you and hope to hear from yall! XOXO

-Elder Ford

p.s. sorry for the short email haha

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