Hey everyone how are you doing?

Everything here is alright for me.  This week was pretty slow but we have some potentials we might be able to work with.  It is tough here.  Everyone works for Microsoft so they are well off and dont really want to talk to us.  Everyone knows who we are so when they see us or look at the nametags they immediately know what to do and that is walk away, yell, slam a door.. yeah all that kind of stuff.  It is pretty hard stuff and it is getting to me!  I am havin a hard time here.  I have hit a road block on my mission and it really isnt fun being at this road stop.  I hope that I can find happiness and get back to being myself cuz I am a little bit down and depressed but its not from clouds because it has been sunny everyday here hahah!! 🙂  

We are still trying to work with the people we found the other day but so many people are busy with work.  We might be teaching these kids of the lady we tracted into last week (Lisa).  We also are going to teach the part member family that we meet with and maybe something will come out of it!! Wish me luck! Have a good week!  Sorry for this lame email…

Elder Ford

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