Well I know that I should start off with a great spiritual experience but I have to say that I definitely have heard that MY BRONCOS ARE PLAYING THE SEAHAWKS IN THE SUPERBOWL!!!  GO BRONCOS!! Hahahah

Anyways, this new area is exactly like it was in Bothell!  It is difficult to find people because it is a very wealthy place and people think they are already well off because they have so many nice things.  It is difficult here but we have worked with a lot of less active members as out Bishop asked us to and we have seen some progression there.  The Novelty Ward is so awesome.. it is actually like a Utah ward… I felt at home!  Elder Jensen and I live in a members house.. it is actually a single old ladys home which is interesting and I dont know how it is approved but it is hahah!  It is awesome being in a Utah like ward and living in a nice house!!!  The week was really good and kind of slow because this area still has no investigators.  All we can do is tract but tracting really isnt effective but that is all they want us to do so I guess it is whatever.  It is kind of frustrating but that is whatever because I cant do a thing about it!  Well I hope you all had a good week and I will try and have a better week myself!  GO BRONCOS! Love you! 🙂 XOXO

-Elder Ford

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