Yes… it happened… I was transferred again and I was really upset.  Pretty much cried for a bit last night because I have really created amazing relationships with members and our investigators and then I got snatched away.  We are suppose to have 3-5 baptisms within the next 2 weeks there in Burien and now I cant be there for them 😦

The week was really good in Burien though.  I didnt know it would be my last week and didn’t really think much of me leaving but I was transferred.  I am now in the Novelty Hill Ward in Redmond and am the Senior Companion.  Do you remember my last companion in Bothell, Elder Mitchell??? Well before I was with Elder Mitchell, he was with Elder Jensen in downtown Seattle and now I am with Elder Jensen in Redmond… I guess we just did a triangle hahah 🙂  Elder Jensen is way cool and I just found out he is a New England Patriots fan and my Denver Broncos play them to go to the Super Bowl this next week… SHOWDOWN COMPANIONSHIP!!! HAHAHA Anyways, Burien was a blast and I want to go back there!!! All the areas are so great!  People are so nice and humble there and it is just way tight there… sorry for the slang hah!

The mission is way awesome.  Though times get hard a lot, it is amazing work and the relationships you build on the mission are incredible and eternal.  It is hard stuff but I love it! 🙂  I may not always love it and I may not always be happy, but in general and at the end of the day I love my mission!  I hope you all have a great week and I hope the weather is good there because here it has been cloudy.  It really hasnt rained a whole lot like everyone told me would happen when I came.  It has drizzled a little bit a few days a week for the past 2 or 3 weeks but besides that it hasnt been too wet.  It is humid and cold but not too much rain.  Who cares though because I like the rain here because it isnt even rain, it is like spit hahaha! 

ENough of my blabbering!  Love you all! Peace

– Elder Ford

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