How are you doing everyone?  Hope you all had a wonderful week as I did here in Bothell.  The beginning of the week was kind of slow but it started to pick up towards the end of the week.  We had district meeting on Tuesday about church attendance and how it can bless and influence our investigators.  The meeting was great because we went around the church building and role played a church tour.  It was great because we actually had a church tour this week with one of our investigators.  The big days for us was on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday we had a church tour in the morning with Denise.  Denise is a wonderful lady and shows nothing but a smile on her face.  Denise loved the building and actually came to church on Sunday.  Denise stayed for all 3 meetings and she loved Relief Society!  The ward did an amazing job in fellowshipping her and making her feel welcome.  Denise actually knew a few people in the ward so that made it nice for us.  Denise really enjoyed church and told us she wants to come back next Sunday.  We have a lesson with her on Saturday and then church on Sunday and we hopefully will commit her to baptism on Saturday.  The work is hastening with her and it is so exciting because she is an amazing lady who will be blessed big time with the Gospel in her life.  

Next, on Saturday we had a lesson with Bob Mackin.  Bob actually came out and said that he accepts that there is a God and knows that there is a God and whether it be creation or evolution, God did it in his own way.  Bob actually seems like he is doing better and getting healthier.  He told us he wants to be a Mormon and join our church.  Bob accepted to be baptized on December 21st!!!!!!!!  Bob was not able to make it to church so he needs to make the commitments and do what he needs to to be ready for that date but that is what we are shooting for.  That was the main points of this week because we met with them a few times this week so we had a lot of our time and focus on them.  We havent found any new investigators yet… that is something we have struggled with but that is okay because we will continue to work hard and when it is the right timing for God, we will find those who are ready.  Transfers are this next Tuesday, December 3rd and I am really hoping that I dont get transferred because I will be soooo sad if I am.  I have made wonderful connections with people and now that we have investigators close to baptism I really dont want to leave.  I guess we will see what happens hahah whatever happens is for a reason!! 🙂  This week was great and Im sorry this is short again… writing gets old hahahh just kidding!  The week was awesome and I will keep you all updated!  I hope you all have a wonderful THANKSGIVING!!!!!! I know I am because the Matsons are feeding us!!!! The Matsons are amazing people and Sister Matson reminds me exactly like my mom… they are just alike!! 🙂 Well I love you all and miss you!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! XOXO

-Elder Ford

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