How is everyone doing this week?  Hope all is going well for you!  This week was another slow week because we kept getting our plans rearranged and appointments rescheduled!  It was a good week though and of course it was way fun.  Work wasn’t always the funnest but Elder Mitchell and I find ways to make it fun while we find people.  To start the week off we had our wonderful P-Day!!!

P-Day was a ton of fun as usual except it was Veterans Day so we couldnt go to the library.  Luckily in our apartment complex there are 2 computers that we were able to use to email with everyone!!  Elder Mitchell and I had lunch at Wendys (so good I know hahah) and then we went and chilled at Big 5 to waste some time.  P-Day was kind of boring but it was nice because we had a jam session at the Landrys house since Elder Brooks can play the guitar.  Elder Brooks and Brother Landry played while Sister Landry and I sang to the songs we knew hahah good old fashion missionary fun 🙂

Tuesday was a good day because we had district meeting.  We talked a lot about overcoming struggles and weaknesses just as we did in our zone conference.  When the meeting was over we went out and worked but nobody answered their door.  We tracted around and had 2 other lessons but nobody became a new investigator unfortunately.  Tuesday was pretty slow but thats okay because all we can do is work and invite and when the timing is right it will happen.

Wednesday was similar to Tuesday because we had 2 lessons reschedule.  We went around fulfilling our plans and when the time came for our lesson, we had to fill it up with trying to see more people.  We saw some families but they all just told us to come back a different time.  We saw Jason and Mary and shared a message with them and Jason did some magic tricks for us.  That family is kind of odd but I love them so much because they crack me up hahah!! 🙂  We had a lesson with Makenna, the unbaptized child, and taught her about baptism.  She committed to praying about being baptized so when we go back this week we will see if she has gotten an answer yet.  Hopefully she wants to be baptized and we can dunk her real soon 🙂

On Thursday we had weekly planning so that took up a lot of the day and then we went to Jackie’s house to teach her but she was not home so we had to walk all the way back home which takes about 45 minutes because my bike is in the shop getting fixed!  We eventually found our way by Roberts place so we went and visited him.  Rob was leaving so we walked with him to the bus stop but I got the impression to open up his freezer.  Rob is struggling with overcoming his alcohol addiction and when I opened up the freezer there was a 6 pack of beer.  I suddenly came bold and told Rob to grab the beer and chuck it out.  Rob grabbed it and opened them all, emptied them, and threw away the bottles.  I dont know what I did and I felt that I might have been too rude but Rob didnt drink any of that beer which is good and I am glad that I could help.

Friday was a busy day because we went to the church to work on our area map that we are making and then we went to the Cardons, a members, house for lunch.  We had pulled pork sandwiches and they were amazing.  From the Cardons, we went to an investigators house named Denise.  Denise was crying when she opened the door because she had just lost her job.  Denise doesnt have many friends because she just moved here for her job and she doesnt know why she would get fired for traveling here from California.  I have no doubt in my mind that this is part of God’s plan because she might have moved here to get fired but she might have moved here because it was God’s plan for her to hear the Gospel.  Denise said she would come to church and I know that this is a great opportunity to teach her about the Gospel/

Saturday was crazy because we did more service.  The lady Robin that was evicted that we moved out a couple weeks ago found a little house and somehow she got it so we helped her move all the stuff from the storage unit that we packed, into her new house.  Robin was crying again because she was so happy that we were there to help.  Robin has 6 kids and none of them would help her.  I dont understand how they couldnt help but I am honored to be able to help her!  Saturday was a very satisfying day because we may not have tracted and taught a bunch of lessons, but just having us missionaries helping and serving someone is a great way to do missionary work because it is all about serving others.

Sunday was great!  Church was amazing and the topic that was spoken on in church was music.  The talks were about how music is a great way to invite the spirit if you listen to good stuff.  I know music is one of my favorite things and is so amazing because I always listened to back home and now I can only listen to hymns on my mission but music really invites the spirit and is amazing!!!  

Sorry this letter is kind of crappy and all jumbled up and short but next week should be better!! I appreciate all the letters and emails I get… I love them!!! May we all convert ourselves first and share the Gospel with others.  My challenge for you all is to try and share the Gospel with 1 person this week.  It doesnt mean you have to invite them to take discussions, but baring your testimony or inviting someone over for dinner or any way of service is a great way too!  May we all accept the calling of conference and hasten the work together as members and missionaries!  I love you all!!!! Have a good week! 🙂 XOXO

-Elder Ford

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