It has been another week down and a crazy one too.  I am starting to get to the point where I dont remember what happened in the weeks because I am confusing them all and putting them together.  This week was a really slow week for us but that is okay because we can only expect to do better this week.
Monday was the same as usual P-Day but we actually went to Cosco for shopping and holy cow I have a ton of food since everything there is in bundles.  Cosco is amazing but it can sure fatten me up real quick probably if I am not careful…now I know why I loved when my mom shopped and I didn’t have to shop….cuz I want to buy everything!!! hahahah  After shopping we went to the Matsons for dinner and hung around them for a while until Michael took us home for the night.  The Matsons are an amazing family and are way fun to be around and have family night and dinner with.
Tuesday was a long day.  We had a zone conference that lasted from 8am to 4pm.  8 HOURS OF SITTING!!!  It was way long and my butt started to get numb but that is okay because the meeting was awesome and I could definitely feel the Spirit.  The conference was on highering our expectations and alligning our will with the Lord’s will so that we can turn our eye single to the glory of God.  We also found out that 52% of the missionaries here in our mission have been out 6 months or less…..over 315 missionaries and only 48% have been out over 6 months!!! WE ARE YOUNG!!!!  The meeting was great but very long.
Wednesday you might be able to guess what we did…. we helped a lady named Bettina move out of her place and put all her things in a storage unit.  Once again we spent most of the day moving and helping her get everything situated.  We also had a lesson with Bob Mackin and he is starting to open up to us and wants to come to church which is super great, the only issue we have with him is that he is very science oriented and has many degrees in science so evolution is high on his mind.  He believes in God but things that God put us down as bacteria and bacteria has evolved to form us through evolution.  Hopefully we can get by this concern and teach him more because he loves Mormons and talks about becoming one!
On Thursday we had weekly planning and it was pouring!  The weather hasnt been too bad excpet on Thursday it poured on us and we were soaked.  My brakes dont work on my bike so we had to walk around town in the pouring rain.  We didnt have any lessons planned so we went and saw Rob and talked with him for a while.  Rob is still fighting the temptations of drinking each day but his spirit and love towards church and the Savior are amazing.  Thursday was slow but it was good too because on our way home we stopped and got some hot chocolate… 7 Eleven is here across from our apartment so it is amazing!
Friday was another moving day hahah 🙂  We helped a guy named Matt move everything he owned into a storage unit because he was being evicted since his name was not on the lease.  Matt is the guy whose mom passed away from a heart attack and now he has no idea what he is going to do.  Matt is a soft hearted guy so it was awesome to help him out and take the burden off of his back to get his things in the storage unit.  We also had another lesson with Bob Mackin and things are moving along.  Bob is opening up and starting to keep committments which is good, we just need to get him passed the evolution stage and into the stage of creation.
On Saturday I was on Exchanges with the district leader, Elder Klauck.  Elder Klauck is way fun and we had a good time in his area.  He has a car which was so nice because my back has been giving me some trouble.  It was a ton of fun to work in his area and be with him.
Sunday was a great day of church.  We had all of our meetings starting at 11am and then church ended at 4pm and our last meeting ended at 5pm so we had a good chunk of our day in meetings and at church.  Our ward is so amazing and I just love it!!!!
This week was super fun and kinda slow but that is okay.  We will just have to higher our expectations and try our best to find more people and talk to more people this week.  The Lord’s work is tough but it is amazing!  I hope all is going well and hope you are having a great Veterans Day!! 🙂 God bless you all and have a wonderful week!! I miss you and Love you!!! 🙂 XOXO
-Elder Ford 
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